Creating A YouTube Event

When you are logged into Switcher Go, you are prompted upon opening the app to create an event for Facebook Live or YouTube Now, or to simply record for uploading at a later time.

To use your YouTube account with Switcher Go, select "YouTube Live". It will take you to a sign-in screen.

Enter in the email address connected with your YouTube account. This will allow you to sign in with your YouTube account.

Once you have signed in, you will be taken to the Event Creation screen, in which you can customize your YouTube Live event. This is the screen you will be taken to after selecting "YouTube Live" in the future, so long as you remain signed in.

If you need to log out for any reason, click on the red unlinking icon in the top left corner. This will sign you out. You will need to repeat the sign-in steps the next time you select "YouTube Live" from the main menu screen.