Enabling YouTube Now

Switcher Go makes streaming to YouTube easier than ever before. First, you will need to make sure your YouTube account has live streaming enabled prior to your first broadcast.

Log into YouTube from your computer, and confirm the following settings are applied:

  • Make Sure Your YouTube Account Is Verified
    Visit this URL to confirm: https://www.youtube.com/verify. You may be required to enter your phone number.

  • Enable Live Video, And Accept The Terms Of Service
    Select “My Channel” on the left side of the screen.From this page, select “Video Manager”.Choose “Live Streaming” on the left sidebar.Click "Get Started" to enable Live Streaming on your YouTube account.Accept the YouTube Terms and Conditions.Once you have accepted the YouTube Terms and Conditions your account will be set up to stream live.

  • Select The YouTube Now Tab On Your Account
    Make sure “Stream Now” is selected on the left side of your screen to allow single-tap broadcasting from Switcher Studio.

  • Setup YouTube In The App
    To sync YouTube Live from the app follow the steps in this article: Creating A YouTube Event.

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